CBD Flavors

Shank’s Extracts offers a wide variety of flavors for CBD products.  A leader in quality extracts, we ensure our partner’s success in creating the most demanding and delicate formulas. Products are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union. 

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Product List - CBD Flavors

X1508-2 – Caramelized Banana Type Flavor Natural

X2274-2 – Wild Blueberry Type Flavor

S90157 – Natural Cherry Type Flavor

X2060-2 – Vanilla Resin Type Flavor Nat

X1339-2 – Grape Flavor N&A

S90035 – Natural Lemon WONF

X1404 – Lime WONF

S90067 – Natural Peppermint Flavor

S90201 – Natural Orange WONF

X1413 – Peach Type Natural

S90022 – N&A Root Beer Flavor

S90037 – Artificial Strawberry Wild Type Flavor

X2379 – Natural Spearmint Flavor

X1795-3 – Natural Vanilla Type Flavor

S90248 – N&A Watermelon Type Flavor

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