Fauxnilla is a 1:1 NATURAL replacement for pure vanilla extract

The push for natural flavors along with some nasty tricks by Mother Nature have driven vanilla prices to all time highs. We sought to create a natural vanilla flavor solution that is stable in price and that still brings out the great vanilla taste that consumers crave. Try the enclosed 2 oz sample to compare against pure vanilla or other vanilla replacers. Use it in your recipe at the same usage level you would your current vanilla.

Water Soluble
  • Kilimanjaro – Natural Vanilla WONF
  • Rainier – Natural Vanilla WONF, Non-GMO
  • McKinley – Vanilla Bean Paste WONF
  • Everest – Natural Vanilla Type Flavor
  • Blanc – Natural Vanilla Type Flavor Non-GMO
Oil Soluble
  • Etna – Natural Vanilla Type Flavor
  • Allegheny – Organic Natural Vanilla Type Flavor

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