Fauxnilla is a 1:1 NATURAL replacement for pure vanilla extract

The push for natural flavors along with some nasty tricks by Mother Nature has driven vanilla prices to all-time highs. We sought to create a natural vanilla flavor solution that is stable in price and that still brings out the great vanilla taste that consumers crave. Try the enclosed 2 oz sample to compare against pure vanilla or other vanilla replacers. Use it in your recipe at the same usage level you would your current vanilla.

Water Soluble
  • Kilimanjaro – Natural Vanilla WONF
  • Rainier – Natural Vanilla WONF, Non-GMO
  • McKinley – Vanilla Bean Paste WONF
  • Everest – Natural Vanilla Type Flavor
  • Blanc – Natural Vanilla Type Flavor Non-GMO
Oil Soluble
  • Etna – Natural Vanilla Type Flavor
  • Allegheny – Organic Natural Vanilla Type Flavor

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