We manufacture extracts, flavors and colors in addition to providing packaging solutions to commercial and private label markets.


Since 1899, Shank’s has been a valuable ingredient and packaging partner for the food and beverage industry. We have the technical aptitude for creating precise formulations and the business commitment to ongoing R&D innovation.

Our production controls consistently deliver quality flavors and the comprehensive products to help your company remain competitive in the marketplace.

Private Label Packaging


Food Color


Pure Vanilla Extracts


Compounded Flavors


Botanical Extracts & Distillates


Organic Extracts, Flavors & Distillates


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Our Company Culture

Our Company Culture at Shank's Extracts "When people are proud of what they're doing, they'll be their best supervisor. We are very proud of how our employees work," says Owner, Jeffrey Lehman. "We do our job, we produce products, and ship them to you on time so you...

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Engineering Exquisite Flavors

Engineering Flavors at Shank's Extracts "You can’t just make a flavor," says Jeffrey Lehman, Owner of Shank's Extracts. "You have to make a very good, almost engineered flavor… and you have to do it with a repeatable quality controlled steps that everyone can see all...

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What is a Distillate?

When it comes to flavoring, there are many questions about how distillates are produced. The process of distillates seems complicated, but the end result is truly a product of beauty. Typically, distillates are procured by taking a raw material, and passing steam...

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