Shank’s Extracts offers a wide variety of natural and artificial flavors for both private label retail and industrial applications. From custom blends to standard flavors, Shank’s Extracts provides the highest quality natural and artificial flavors on the market. Products are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union. 

Below is a list of just a few of our offerings.
Not seeing a flavor that you need? We are happy to make a custom flavor just for you.
Contact us for information. 


Natural Flavors
  • S9186    Almond
  • S9108    Anise
  • S9372    Cinnamon
  • S9318    Coffee with Color
  • S9152    Lemon
  • S9452TN Mint
  • S90196  Orange (OS)
  • S9153    Peppermint
WONF Flavors
  • S90018   Brown Sugar
  • S90228   Cocoa
  • S90187   Coconut (OS)
  • S90035   Lemon (OS)
  • S90244   Maple
  • S90201   Orange (OS)
  • S90233   Strawberry (OS)
Natural Type Flavors
  • S90217   Banana
  • S90223   Blueberry (OS)
  • S90046   Bubblegum (OS)
  • S90200   Caramel (OS)
  • S90157   Cherry (OS)
  • S90144   Cotton Candy
  • S90178   Maple
  • S90048   Orange Vanilla (OS)
  • S90146   Pumpkin Pie (OS)
  • S9211     Pumpkin Spice (OS)
  • S90049   Raspberry (OS)
  • S90141   Rum
  • S90147   Speculoos (OS)
  • S90190   Almond Butter 
Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • S9135    Banana
  • S9325    Butter
  • S9145    Butterscotch
  • S90106  Chocolate (OS)
  • S9155    Lemon
  • S9543    Maple
  • S90023  Orange Cream (OS)  
  • S9311    Pecan
  • S90022  Root Beer (OS)
  • S9132    Rum
Artificial Flavors
  • S9012   Almond
  • S9136   Banana
  • S90212 Blue Raspberry
  • S9017   Coconut
  • S9423   Root Beer
  • S9519   Strawberry
  • S90037  Wild Strawberry (OS)


    • All samples include a Product Specification Sheet and Safety Data Sheet

    • Additional extracts & flavors available upon request

    • Extracts and distillates are water soluble

    • (OS) designates Oil Soluble