Shank’s Extracts offers a wide variety of food colors for both private label retail and industrial applications. Food color is an essential aspect of how we perceive and ultimately tastewhat we eat. Allow Shank’s Extracts expert team to provide you with a superior food coloring solution.

At Shank’s Extracts, we manufacture and supply high-quality food colors including liquid FD&C food colors and color blends for the U.S. market.

Food Colors
  • Black Food Color
  • Blue Food Color
  • Green Food Color
  • Orange Food Color
  • Red Food Color
  • Pink Food Color
  • Raspberry Food Color
  • Tomato Red Food Color
  • Yellow Food Color
  • Eggshade Food Color


  • Purple Food Color, Neon
  • Pink Food Color, Neon (Sensitizer – R40)
  • Green Food Color, Neon (Sensitizer – Y5)
  • Blue Food Color, Neon