Shank’s Extracts offers a wide variety of pure vanilla extract for both private label retail and industrial applications. We source the finest quality of vanilla beans to produce our own vanilla extracts. Through our longstanding history of businesses in the vanilla market, we have the expertise to navigate complex regulations and procurement to provide world-class ingredients to our customers without any disruptions to our manufacturing process. Products are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

Pure Vanilla Extract:

Shank’s Extracts offers all grades of vanilla products including gourmet beans — high, mid, and low vanillin. We also offer a wide selection of vanilla extracts and flavors including single-fold through twenty-fold strength, alcohol or non-alcoholic, kosher, vanilla-vanillin blends (category 2), imitation/artificial vanilla (category 3), and vanilla with other natural flavors (WONF). Unless specifically stated otherwise, all of our products are gluten-free.

We also offer the following strengths and varieties, as well as blends of any of those listed below:

Indonesian Vanilla Extract


  • 1X – S9075-01-0-00
  • 2X – S9075-02-0-00
  • 3X – S9075-03-0-00
  • 4X – S9075-04-0-00
  • 10X – S9075-10-0-00
  • Concentrate 20X – S9075-20-0-00
Organic Madagascar Vanilla Extract


  • 1X – S9078-01-0-00
  • 2X – S9078-02-0-00
  • 3X – S9078-03-0-00
  • 5X – S9078-05-0-00
  • 10X – S9078-10-0-00
  • Concentrate 20X – S9078-20-0-00
Madagascar Vanilla Extract


  • 1X – S9080-01-0-00
  • 1X Non-GMO – S9080-01-0-00SC
  • 2X – S9080-02-0-00
  • 2X Non-GMO – S9080-02-0-00SC
  • 3X – S9080-03-0-00
  • 3X Non-GMO – S9080-03-0-00SC
  • 5X – S9080-05-0-00
  • 5X Non-GMO – S9080-05-0-00SC
  • 10X – S9080-10-0-00
  • 10X Non-GMO – S9080-10-0-00SC
  • 20X – S9080-20-0-00
Tahitian Vanilla Extract


  • 1X – S9083-01-0-00
  • 2X – S9083-02-0-00
  • 3X – S9083-03-0-00
Ugandan Vanilla Extract


  • 1X – S9092-01-0-00
  • 2X – S9092-02-0-00
  • 3X – S9092-03-0-00
  • 4X – S9092-04-0-00
  • 10X – S9092-10-0-00


Please inquire into availability of the specific certification for products in which you are interested.

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