Shank’s Extracts offers a wide variety of organic extracts, flavors, and distillates for both private label retail and industrial applications. We are proud to offer a wide selection of organic products certified by Quality Assurance International that exceeds the flavoring criteria of our customers. Products are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

Organic Extracts

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  • S9502-S  Chamomile
  • S9501-S  Chicory Root
  • S9663-S  Cinnamon
  • S9668-S  Cocoa
  • S9539-S  Dandelion Root
  • S9666     Fenugreek Seed
  • S9664-S  Ginger
  • S9670-S  Turmeric
  • S9606-S  Wild Cherry Bark
  • S9598     Gentian Root


  • S90095   Matcha
  • S9456-S  White China
Organic Flavors


  • S90017 Almond
  • S90066 Lemon
  • S90050 Pumpkin Spice
  • S90014 Orange
  • S90065 Peppermint
Organic Distillates
  • S9618-S  Acai
  • S90103   Almond
  • S90159   Banana
  • S9600-S  Cocoa
  • S9540-S  Coconut
  • S9630-S  Honey
  • S9622-S  Mango
  • S90080   Red Raspberry
  • S9681-S  Spearmint
  • S9662-S  Tea – Black Korakundah


    • All samples include a Product Specification Sheet and Safety Data Sheet

    • Additional extracts & flavors available upon request

    • Extracts and distillates are water soluble

    • (OS) designates Oil Soluble


Please inquire into availability of the specific certification for products in which you are interested.

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