How important is quality to you when you purchase products? If you’re anything like the employee’s at Shanks, it means everything! That’s why we are passionate about the continuous investment in our team, our laboratory and our testing equipment.

We take pride in ensuring constant improvement in the following:

  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the micro- detection of any foodborne pathogens.

  • We use digital density meters for quality control and in our research and development (R&D).

  • We maintain updated high-performance liquid chromatography systems (HPLCs).

Our employees are laser-focused on the quality of the production of our products so we’ve increased staffing support commensurate with our company’s growth.  We’ve done that through adding a 2nd shift floor/lab hybrid for the highest degree of quality assurance and a 3rd shift tech to oversee our production output overnight. 

To read more about our continuous improvement techniques, visit our FAQ about safety, quality, and compliance.

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