Shank’s Extracts offers the finest quality of flavoring ingredients and coloring components for commercial food & beverage production, culinary professionals, and retail and grocery businesses. Interested in sampling one of our unique coloring or flavoring compounds? Simply fill out the form below and a member of our professional sales team will contact you directly. We look forward to serving you!

NOTE: This facility may process tree nuts, including almond, coconut, hazelnut, lychee, macadamia, pistachio, and walnut.  Shank’s Extracts, Inc., has an Allergen Program in place to ensure there is no cross-contamination from allergens, including but not limited to specialized labeling, segregated storage, cleaning and sanitizing protocols, protein verification swabbing and training for all employees.

Minimum Order Quantities are based on orders of at least $3000. If you are looking for quantities smaller than this, please visit the following distributor sites and contact them for the products they supply.

Web Restaurant Store

Dutch Valley Food Distributors

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