When it comes to flavoring, there are many questions about how distillates are produced. The process of distillates seems complicated, but the end result is truly a product of beauty.

Typically, distillates are procured by taking a raw material, and passing steam through the raw object. Shank’s distillates are organic, making them a natural and appealing manner in which to add flavor to our customers’ products. Our large variety of organic distillates are a unique way to add complexities of flavor to any consumable! To see a list of our distillates, extracts, and flavors—or to order a sample—visit our product page!

About Shank’s

Shank’s Extracts is your premier supplier of vanilla extracts, other extracts, natural and artificial flavors, food colors, syrups, and sauces. Shank’s quality products are widely distributed to industrial, private label, and grocery customers worldwide.

Shank’s is a valuable ingredient partner for your food or beverage production. We have the technical aptitude for exacting formulations, the business commitment to ongoing R&D innovation, the production controls to consistently deliver quality flavors, and the comprehensive product line to help your company remain competitive in the marketplace by offering great-tasting products to consumers.

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